Propolis and water suspension 15%



COMPOSITION: distilled water, propolis solution.

PROPERTIES AND EFFECTS:  A product made of the biologically active propolis of the  highest quality. An active substance is propolis in pure form, the substance extracted by the bees from the plants. The product intensively protects and cares for the skin.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Prevention and hygiene: skin phlegmon, fungal infections of skin and ears, , chronic skin lensions and skin infections, spotty hair loss (alopecia areata), accne inflamation of follicles (folliculitis), wounds that heal badly, perianal sinusitis, paradontosis.

APPLICATION:  Shake well before application. Rinse the places under care after they were carefully purified 1-2 times a day. If necessary short-term sealed bandage may be applied or 30% propolis oinment may be applied in order to strenghten the effect.

ATTENTION: Avoid contact with eyes  It is the natural thing that there may be the propolis sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Get to know the properties of bee products on our internet page

STORAGE: Store it in a cool place far from the light in order to preserve propolis  full biological activity.

EXPIRATION DATE: 18 months from the date of production.


Volume: 100ml


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