Treatment description of a paw of a HUSKY dog

Treatment description of a paw of a HUSKY dog  – Mauro

The dog Mauro got injured during a dog sled training. While he was running, he broke his front paw finger, and the claw was also affected (knocked out of the claw sheath). The injury caused limping in the dog after a short effort. The finger bones healed after a few weeks, but tinea pedis was already growing in the claw sheath. Ph.D. Jarosław Popiel,  from Wrocław Veterinary Clinic ordered an antibiogram, and both an oral and an external antibiotic to apply on the paw were selected. The claw and its sheath were also disinfected with Manusan a few times a day.  After about two weeks tinea pedis of the paw was cured. Normal functioning of the dog (walking) soon led to renewed irritation of the claw sheath, which resulted in the recurrence of tinea pedis. Antibiotics were selected again and the paw was cured once more. Unfortunately the problem of tinea pedis returned.
In order to prevent the recurrence of tinea pedis (and thus pain and limping) the finger amputation was suggested. This suggestion was also made after consulting another doctor. In the meantime, the dog licking the sore spot made tinea pedis spread to the adjacent finger. Amputation of both fingers would result in permanent limping, which we didn’t want to condemn the dog to.

Mr. Adam Brzózka’s propolis products came to the rescue.

The therapy consisted in wiping the affected spot with the “propolis ethyl solution” and the “sediment of the propolis ethyl solution” several times a day. To prevent overdrying of the sheath and the claw, we also used the “natural regenerative and protective product with beeswax”. The “15% water-propolis suspension” was administered orally. Every day we saw improvement, the claw-area was increasingly drier and less tumid. The wound stopped secreting.
Mr. Adam chose a therapy for us, which after about three weeks led to the permanent healing of the paw. After 6 months there still hasn’t been any recurrence of the disorder 🙂
As of today Mauro is a fully cured and happy dog. We are fully convinced to recommend Mr. Adam Brzózka’s nourishing and medicinal products. We also successfully use the series Piękno Kopyta in our horses.

Karina, Robert Sowińscy
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