The trademark of the company P.P.H.U. Piękno Kopyta

The trademark of the company P.P.H.U. Piękno Kopyta [Manufacturing, Trade and Service Company] and the words „Łój wołowy” [“beef tallow”] meaning a substance used in the manufacture of hoof care products for ungulates have been registered by the Polish Patent Office, which exercises direct custody of the legal protection of the trademark.

A trademark guarantees appropriate identification of goods or services with their manufacturer. The protection of legal interests to the trademark gives the opportunity to benefit from the monopoly of using it in business trading. The manufacturer “PIĘKNO KOPYTA” renders services included in the scope of this trademark protection. The base of the hoof products is registered with the description “ŁÓJ WOŁOWY”. Unauthorised use of the name, word and device mark or advertising slogans “Piękno Kopyta ; Łój wołowy” by entrepreneurs or other persons without the consent of the manufacturer P.P.H.U Piękno Kopyta as well as supporting their services with the trademark is prohibited. Infringement of exclusive rights shall result in the initiation of administrative proceedings. In the event of obtaining information on these rights infringement, please directly notify the manufacturer P.P.H.U Piękno Kopyta.

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