Enjoy a short film that will bring you the concept of Propolis, the composition of biological use in the prevention and medicine, and to explain why this wonderful product bee is called by many scientists’  „antibiotic XXI century” more…

Propolis in the prevention and treatment in animals

Propolis (bee glue) and its application in the prevention and treatment in animals

Propolis – orgins and properties
The word PROPOLIS, which is derived from the Greek language, means “city suburbs”. Propolis is a building block which is used by bees, among other things, for protecting the hive from damage more…

Documentation of abscess treatment in a horse

Veterinarian’s diagnosis – abscess

1st treatment phase – classic
After diagnosing abscess in the 1st phase an antibiotic was used plus anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.  However, in order to accelerate abscess maturation, the doctor recommended rubbing in ichthyol ointment. The moment the abscess was already mature, it was incised and thoroughly cleaned more…

Treatment description of a paw of a HUSKY dog

Treatment description of a paw of a HUSKY dog  – Mauro

The dog Mauro got injured during a dog sled training. While he was running, he broke his front paw finger, and the claw was also affected (knocked out of the claw sheath). The injury caused limping in the dog after a short effort. The finger bones healed after a few weeks, but tinea pedis was already growing more…

Description of treating a tumor in a dog Chico

Chico is currently a 17 month-old healthy mixed breed dog (Cane Corso, Irish Setter).

In February 2014 the dog got an ear infection. Veterinarian gave subcutaneously, in the back: Albipen (ampicillin) + Metacam (meloxicam) and proposed to repeat the injection three times. Dog immediately after the first injection, from the said substance, he felt bad more…

Treatment description of a dog Sara’s ear

Breed of dog: German Shepherd, female, age 10

Diagnosis:  Chronic and acute inflammation of ears

In spite of the prior use of antibiotics and an antiviral drug called “Mastijet”, the symptoms didn’t cease and, therefore, the following were applied: more…

Description of treatment pillows paws of a dog

I am the owner of a 7-year-old dog named LOLEK West Highland White Terrier. By mid-2014, I noticed that my dog’s paw padding began to dry and break despite the fact that I attach great importance to the daily care and hygiene of the animal. At first, I used paw care and protection products such as Espree Paw Paw Care and Jean Pierre Hery Roll – on Paw Protection more…

Dog paw pads care

Cracked paw pads are quite a frequent problem that dog owners face.  This is so because dog paws are inevitably exposed to the contact with the ground which may cause irritation and consequently injuries. Particularly susceptible to paw pad injuries are dogs living in urban agglomerations, where they run on hard, concrete or asphalt surfaces more…

The history of treatment of my 12-year-old female German shepherd dog, Era

Four years ago my dog started raising her hind leg and limping, so I took her to the vet for an X-ray examination. It turned out that she has degeneration of the knees (at first, the doctors were not sure whether it was degeneration in the right knee or bone cancer, after the biopsy it turned out that it was degeneration), and a torn ligament in the right knee. I gave her Carprodyl F 100mg at first, but there was no improvement, and she began to grind her nails in her hind legs.  more…

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