Description of treatment pillows paws of a dog

I am the owner of a 7-year-old dog named LOLEK West Highland White Terrier. By mid-2014, I noticed that my dog’s paw padding began to dry and break despite the fact that I attach great importance to the daily care and hygiene of the animal. At first, I used paw care and protection products such as Espree Paw Paw Care and Jean Pierre Hery Roll – on Paw Protection. Prolonged use has not been successful. Then I applied Dr Lucky cream for pads and paws and also Cdvet Pfotenpflege natural oil. During treatment everything I have consulted with veterinary doctors. It is recommended to additionally use Linomag, A + E ointment, and vitamin E capsules. A few months of treatment and recommendations I have not had the desired result, but the condition of the feet is getting worse, causing discomfort in the free movement of the dog. In March 2015, after consulting with the manufacturer of ALVARO series preparations, I started using INTENSIVE propolis ointment. Mr. Adam Brzózka, after a preliminary analysis and assessment of the condition of the dog’s paw pads, concluded that the natural spontaneous recovery of the paw edema had subsided, and it was necessary to use an intense propolis ointment in order to reverse this process and aim for the pre-existing condition.

On the photos I posted, I saw the pads of my dog ​​from the moment I applied Intensive to the end of the treatment, which lasted about three weeks. The first three pictures show the pre-treatment status.

I sincerely thank Adam Brzózka for helping me recover my dog.
Małgorzata Szymczak Łódź

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